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Value (owner estimated) of private dwelling - Refers to the dollar amount expected by the owner if the asset were to be sold.

In the context of dwelling, it refers to the value of the entire dwelling, including the value of the land it is on and of any other structure, such as a garage, which is on the property. If the dwelling is located in a building which contains several dwellings, or a combination of residential and business premises, all of which the household owns, the value is estimated as a portion of the market value that applies only to the dwelling in which the household resides.

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Subsidized housing - Refers to whether the dwelling is subsidized. Subsidized housing includes rent geared to income, social housing, public housing, government-assisted housing, non-profit housing, rent supplements and housing allowances.

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Highest certificate, diploma or degree is the classification used in the census to measure the broader concept of 'Educational attainment.'

This variable refers to the highest level of education that a person has successfully completed and is derived from the educational qualifications questions, which asked for all certificates, diplomas and degrees to be reported.

The general hierarchy used in deriving this variable (high school, trades, college, university) is loosely tied to the 'in-class' duration of the various types of education. At the detailed level, someone who has completed one type of certificate, diploma or degree will not necessarily have completed the credentials listed below it in the hierarchy. For example, a person with an apprenticeship or trades certificate or diploma may not have completed a high school certificate or diploma, nor does an individual with a 'master's degree' necessarily have a 'certificate or diploma above bachelor level.' Although the hierarchy may not fit all programs perfectly, it gives a general measure of educational attainment.

This variable is reported for persons aged 15 years and over in private households.

Users are advised to consult data quality comments for 'Highest certificate, diploma or degree', available in the Education Reference Guide, Census of Population, 2016 , Catalogue no. 98-500-X2016013.

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'Secondary (high) school diploma or equivalency certificate' includes only people who have this as their highest educational qualification. It excludes persons with a postsecondary certificate, diploma or degree.

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'Trades certificate or diploma other than Certificate of Apprenticeship or Certificate of Qualification' includes trades certificates or diplomas such as pre-employment or vocational certificates and diplomas from brief trade programs completed at community colleges, institutes of technology, vocational centres and similar institutions.

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Intro to Vue.js

In this lesson we’ll be uncovering how to conditionally display elements with Vue.

Our Goal

We want to display text that says if our product is in stock or not, based on our data.

Starting Code

Notice we’ve added a new data property there at the bottom: .


Often in a web application, we want elements to appear on the page depending on if a condition is met or not. For instance, if our product is not in stock, our page should display the fact that it’s out of stock.

So how could we conditionally render these elements, depending on whether our product is in stock or not?


Vue’s solution is simple and straightforward.

Given that our data contains this new property:

We can use the and directives to determine which element to render.

If is truthy, the first paragraph will render. Otherwise, the second paragraph will. In this case, since the value of is true, the first paragraph will render.

Great. We’ve used conditional rendering to display whether our product is in stock or not. Our feature is done. But let’s explore conditional rendering some more before we move onto our next topic.

Additional Conditional Syntax: v-else-if

We can add a third degree of logic with . To demonstrate, let’s use an example that is a bit more complex.

If our data looked something like this:

We could use expressions, inside the quotes, to make our conditions more specific.

The element that will render is the first element whose expression evaluates to true.

Additional Conditional Syntax: v-show

If your app needs an element to frequently toggle on and off the page, you’ll want to use the directive. An element with this directive on it will always be present in our DOM, but it will only be visible on the page if its condition is met. It will conditionally add or remove the CSS property to the element.

This method is more performant than inserting and removing an element over and over with / .

However, in the product app we’re building, using a and works just fine, so we’ll keep that as our solution.

What’d we learn

Learn by doing


Add an property to the product’s data that is used to conditionally render a that says “On Sale!”

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Crowdfunding is a way of raising finance by asking a large number of people each for a small amount of money. Traditionally, financing a business, project or venture involved asking a few people for large sums of money. Crowdfunding switches this idea around, using the internet to talk to thousands – if not millions – of potential funders. Typically, those seeking funds will set up a profile of their project on a website such as those run by our members. They can then use social media, alongside traditional networks of friends, family and work acquaintances, to raise money. Below is a brief description of each of the different type of crowdfunding.

Donation / Reward Crowdfunding

People invest simply because they believe in the cause. Rewards can be offered (often called reward crowdfunding), such as acknowledgements on an album cover, tickets to an event, regular news updates, free gifts and so on. Returns are considered intangible. Donors have a social or personal motivation for putting their money in and expect nothing back, except perhaps to feel good about helping the project. UK Sites include: COOLCEPT Women Elegant Block Heel Court Shoes Closed Toe Pumps Black mseZEKom
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Debt Crowdfunding

Investors receive their money back with interest. Also called Peer-to-Peer (p2p) lending, it allows for the lending of money while bypassing traditional banks. Returns are financial, but investors also have the benefit of having contributed to the success of an idea they believe in. In the case of microfinance, where very small sums of money are leant to the very poor, most often in developing countries, no interest is paid on the loan and the lender is rewarded by doing social good. Sites include: Dr Martens Mens 1461Z Lace Up Shoes Black KVgWjQn , ,

Equity Crowdfunding

People invest in an opportunity in exchange for equity. Money is exchanged for a shares, or a small stake in the business, project or venture. As with other types of shares, apart from community shares, if it is successful the value goes up. If not, the value goes down. Sites include: Guess FLGR22 LEA03 Wedge Sandals Women Beige J7LLZnNB
, , ,

A Little Bit Of History

The first online crowdfunded project is thought to have occurred in 1997. Rock band Marillion were unable to afford to tour after the release of their seventh album so American fans used the then fledgling internet to raise $60,000 so they could play in the US. Although the band wasn’t involved in the first round of fundraising, they have since used the same techniques to successfully fund the production of their following three albums. Since then, this marketplace has grown substantially.

The small print
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California Department of Forestry Firefighters, IAFF -Local 2881

Fresno City Firefighters Association -Local 753

Fresno Deputy Sheriff’s Association

Fresno Police Officers Association

Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce

Elected Officials

Honorable Brent Adney Fresno County Republican Central Committee

Honorable Leonel Alvarado Former Fresno City Council Member

Honorable Joseph R. Amador City of Mendota Council Member

Honorable Susan Anderson Former Fresno County Supervisor

Honorable Carol Armstrong Fresno Co. Republican Central Committee Member (fmr.)

Honorable Alan Autry Former Fresno Mayor

Honorable Jim Avalos Selma City Council Member

Honorable Oliver Baines Fresno City Council Member

Honorable Lee Brand Fresno City Council Member

Honorable Mike Briggs Former Cal State Assemblyman

Honorable Cruz Bustamante Former California Lt. Governor

Honorable Richard Caglia V.P. State Center Community College District

Honorable S. Leo Capuchino City of Mendota Council Member

Honorable David Cardenas Mayor of Fowler

Honorable Luis Carrillo Del Rey Community S.D.

Honorable Sylvia Chavez Mayor of Huron

Honorable Kent Christensen Fmr. Merced Co. Assessor-Recorder

Honorable Valerie Davis FUSD Board Member

Honorable Gloria De La Pena Pinedale County Water District

Honorable Amarpreet Dhaliwal Mayor of San Joaquin

Honorable Leonel Diaz Del Rey Community Services District

Honorable Jose Flores Clovis City Council Member

Honorable Ruth Gaddenbush Former FUSD Board Member

Honorable John Garcia II Pinedale County Water District

Honorable Ralph Garcia Former Selma Mayor

Honorable David Hadden, M.D. Fresno County Coroner

Honorable Hank Hendrix West Fresno School District Board Member (fmr.)

Honorable Gabriel Jimenez Orange Cove Mayor

Honorable Cal Johnson FUSD Board

Honorable Les Kimber Former Fresno City Council Member

Honorable Craig Knight Firebaugh Mayor Pro-Tem

Honorable Richard Lake, CPA Clovis Unified Board

Honorable John Leal SCCCD Trustee

Honorable Rick Lehman Former US Congressman

Honorable Armando Lopez Parlier Mayor

Honorable Victor Lopez Orange Cove Mayor Pro-Tem

Honorable Dennis Lujan Former Mayor of Selma

Honorable Steve Magarian Former Fresno County Sheriff

Honorable Diane Maldonado City of Parlier Council Member

Ronald H. Markarian Major General Army Reserve Ambassador for the State of Calif. Fmr. Chairman of the Fresno Count Republican Central Committee

Honorable Javier Marquez Former Mayor of Firebaugh

Honorable Luisa Medina Former FUSD Board Member

Honorable Andre Minuth, M.D. Fresno County Republican Central Committee

Honorable Joshua Mitchell Mayor, City of Sanger

Honorable Sandie Monis City of Fowler Council Member

Honorable Manuel Nunez Former FUSD Board

Honorable Clint Olivier Fresno City Council Member

Honorable Yolanda Padilla City of Parlier Council Member

Honorable Ralph Pardo Orange Cove Council Member

Honorable Daniel Parra Fowler Mayor Pro Tem

Honorable Nicole Parra Former California State Assemblymember

Honorable Charles Pashayan Former US Congressman

Honorable Patrick “Pat” Patterson SCCCD Trustee

Honorable Dan Payne Fresno County Republican Central Committee Chair (fmr.)

Honorable Eric Payne SCCCD Trustee

Honorable Henry Perea Fresno County Supervisor

Honorable Henry T. Perea California State Assemblymember

Honorable Leticia Perez Kern County Supervisor

Honorable Larry Powell Former Fresno County Superintendent of Schools

Honorable Robert Poythress Mayor of Madera

Honorable Sal Quintero Fresno City Council Member

Honorable Maria Reyna Del Rey Community S.D.

Honorable Joseph Riofrio City of Mendota Council Member

Honorable Derek O. Robinson Madera Mayor Pro Tem

Honorable Trinidad Rodriguez Former Mayor of Kerman

Honorable Arlie Rogers Kingsburg Hospital District

Honorable Dan Ronquillo Former Fresno City Council Member

Honorable Craig Scharton Former Fresno City Council Member

Honorable A.P. Sidhu, M.D. Former Fresno County Republican Central Committee President

Honorable Robert Silva Mendota Mayor

Honorable Jim Simonian Fowler City Council Member

Honorable Rusty Souza N. Central Fire Protection District Trustee

Honorable Cynthia Sterling Former Fresno City Council Member

Honorable Gerald L. Tahajian Former Fresno City Council

Honorable Sally Tannenbaum Former Fresno County Board of Education Member

Honorable Doug Vagim Former Fresno County Supervisor

Honorable Alex Valdez Former Mayor of Mendota

Honorable Eva Valdez Pinedale County Water District

Honorable Sergio Valdez Mendota City Council Member

Honorable Richard Valle Kings County Supervisor

Honorable Raul Villanueva City of Parlier Council Member

Honorable Bob Waterston Former Fresno County Supervisor

Honorable Don Watnik Clovis Veterans Memorial District

Honorable Stuart Weil Fresno Republican Central Committee

Honorable Larry Westerlund Former Fresno City Councilman

Honorable Bob Whalen Clovis City Council Member

Honorable Tom Wright Clovis Veterans Memorial District Board Member

Community Business Leaders

Kamal Abu-Shamsieh Chaplain

Eduardo Acevedo

Annette Adams

Brett Adney

Tino Aguilar Real Estate Broker

James Aldredge Former Fresno City Manager

Tony Amundsen Clovis North H.S. Basketball Coach

Roger Anthony

Anthony Realty

Faisal Aranki, M.D.

Jose Arechiga, CPA

Robert Arendt Retired Fresno Police Officer

John Arriaga

JEA Associates

Paul S. Aulakh, CPA

Pradeep Bali Small Business Owner

Gregory Barfield

Dee Barnes

Fresno City EmployeesAssociation

Jeffrey Barnes

Michael Bassim, CPA

Barry Bauer

Herb Bauer Sporting Goods

Don Beauregard Educator

Ben Benavidez

Paul Betancourt Farmer and Former President of the Fresno County Farm Bureau

Charlotte Bien

Diana Bleth

George Bleth

Hal Bolen Attorney at Law

Jim Bouskos

Paul S. Brar, CPA

Melissa Bravo

Charlie Briggs Realtor- Appraiser

Judy Brown

Sally Caglia

Electric Motor Shop and Warnors Center for Performing Arts

Eric Cano

Michael Cardenas, CPA

Bill Casarez, CPA

Margaret Casarez, CPA

Tony Castellum Business Executive

Christine Cerda Realtor- Member of NAR CAR

Dan Cheney Realtor

Larry Cleveland, CPA

Larry Coffin, CPA

Ruben Coronado, CPA

TJ Cox

Central Valley NM TC Fund

Dr. Alfredo Cuellar

Linzey Daniels Fresno County District Attorney (fmr.)

Hrant Darakjian, CPA

Malcolm (Mel) Dedekian, CPA

Joe De Losantos

Rod De Luca De Luca Development Construction

Kathleen Dennen

Michael Der Manouel, Jr. Fresno County Lincoln Club

Pat DeSantis Farmer

Pat DiCicco DiCicco’s Pizza

Jim Dirlam, CPA Former Fresno City Controller

Robert Donabedian

Cindy Dunn Fresno City College

Jerry Dyer Fresno Chief of Police

Jeff Eben Former City of Fresno Deputy Mayor

Jose A. Elgorriaga TV Station Executive

Phillip Erickson, CPA

Emerson Estrada

Paul Evert Fresno Business Owner

Harjeet Fagura-Dhaliwal, M.D.

Bobby Fena

Colliers Tingey

Dan Fitzpatrick Former Fresno County Chief Administrative Officer

Ernie Flores

Mike Foley

Charles Francis

Pauline Fuller SCCCD, Professor Emeritus

Dennis Gaab Developer

Venancio Gaona Community Leader

Marian Garcia

Sophia Garcia

Tony Gastelum Consultant

Humberto Gomez Labor Leader

Gene Gonzales, Sr. Realtor

Salvador Gonzales

Victoria Gonzales Realtor

Zulma Gonzales

Dr. Luz Gonzalez

Dean Gordon Attorney at Law

Armand Gougasian, CPA

Julie Griffiths

Javier Guzman Chicano Youth Center

Zetta Hadden

Jeffrey A. Hagopian, CPA

Jennifer Hall

Boghos Handian

Greg Haney, CPA

Honorable Scott Hawkins Fresno Co. Republican Ctrl. Committee Member (fmr.)

Martha Elizabeth Hernandez Realtor

Tou Herr

John Hutson

Labor Leader

Gary I. Istanboulian, CPA

Steve Jackson, CPA

Alex Jaramishian, CPA

Peggy Jelmini Artist

Dr. Kay Hickman

Rick Jelmini, DDS

Bob Jennings Labor Leader

Rev. Bobby Jones

Christina Jones

Donald N. Jones, CPA

John Jones Clovis High School Basketball Coach

David Jordan, CPA

Dr. Husan Kaileh

Janet Kardashian Clovis Schools Educator

Varus Kardashian Developer

Ed Kashian Lance-Kashian Co.

Larry Kellerhals

Keith Kelley Community Activist

Dick Keyes

Hal Kissler, CPM, CCIM Manco Abbott Real Estate Management

Teang “Tan” Koo, CPA

Hagop Krioghlian, CPA

Claude Laval, III

Dorsey Lee

Dr. Joe Lee

Jerold P. Logoluso, CPA

Dr. Karl Longley

Brigitte Loren

Mark Lozada

David Macias

Marina Magdaleno Stationary Engineers Local 39

Ron Manfredi Retired Kerman City Manager Fmr. Firebaugh Interim City Manager

Gus Kavalos Coalinga Farmer

Sophia Kavalos Coalinga Farmer

Tom Marsella Business Executive

Athena Matsikas-Caglia Radio Personality

Joseph E. Mattes, CPA

Gloria Medina, CPA

Marvin Meyers Farmer

Dr. Robert S. Mikell Professor Emeritus Fresno State University

Bessie Miller

Rev. Harry Miller

Robert Mitchell

Robert K. Mitchel Jr., M.D.

Marlene Murphey Fresno RDA Successor Agency Executive Director

Ali Nekumanesh Fresno Business Owner

Paul Nelson, CPA

Ed O’Neal Farmer

Frank Orvis

Marian Orvis

Wayne T. Ota, CPA

Gilbert Padilla Community Organizer

Stephone Paige Former NFL Player

Debbie Parda

Jacky Parks President, Fresno Police Officers Association

Maxie Parks 1976 US Olympic Medalist Fresno Athletic Hall of Fame (1990)

Dirk Poeschel

Gloria Ponce Rodriguez

Jose Ramirez US Olympic Boxer

Oscar Ramirez, P.E.

Mike Ratley Westside Ford “No Suits, No Ties, No Lies”

Enrique Reade Funeral Director

Jeff Reid Attorney At Law

Mike Reynolds Author of Three Strikes Law

Nancy Richardson

Randy Risner Attorney at Law

Jeff Roberts Selma Farmer

Chris Rockas, J.D.

Elenis Rockas, M.D.

Matt Rogers Chair, Fresno County Young Democrats

Vic Roznovski Retired MLB Player Spano Development

Joanna Ruiz

Paris Ruiz

Dr. Jackie Ryle Former Fresno City Clerk

Mohammad Saeed, M.D.

Jim Sabbatini, CPA

Abraham Saghdejian Saghdejian Farms

Manas Saghdejian Saghdejian Farms

Victor Sahatdjian Victor Packing

Gordon Saito, CPA

Dale Samuelian Pearson Realty- Ag Appraiser

Phillip V. Sanchez Former US Ambassador to Honduras

Rudy Savala, Esq. Attorney

Frank Scharton, CPA

Eric Schmidt, President Fresno Deputy Sheriff’s Association

Michael Sigala Sigala, Inc.

Curpal Singh Farmer

Mandhir Singh Farmer

Irma Soltero-Sparks Realtor

Noel Smith, M.D. William Smith Attorney at Law

Jervy Smith

Bob Smittcamp Lyons Magnus

Rick Snow

Al Solis Sol Development

Stanley Spano Spano Development

Anne Speake Business Community Leader

Robert N. Srabian, CPA

Rod Stark Valley Small Business

Raymond Steine, CPA

Elaine Steitz

Moses Stites

Tom Stefanopoulos Stamoules Farms

Darrel Stewart, CPA

Maurice “Mo” Talbot Fresno Athletic Hall of Fame (2004)

Dr. Peter Tannenbaum

Dorothy Thomas

Wayne Thornton Fresno Athletic Hall of Fame Boxer

Russell Tidrick

Milton Torigian, CPA

Archie Tovar Technology Expert

Phillip Traynor

Ted Triffon

Cliff Tutelian Tutelian Company

Angelo Tsakopoulos AKT Investments

Becky Vagim

Frank Villegas

Rick M. Wan, CPA

Kirk Wanless President, Fresno City Firefighters Local 753

Charlie Waters Veteran, Korean War

Howard Watkins Community Leader

Ikuko Watnick

Peter Weber Business Community Leader

Gordon Webster Publisher

Jack Weisberg Attorney at Law

Leah Simon-Weisberg Attorney at Law

John Welty President Emeritus, Fresno State University

Chris Williams

LaVera Williams LaVera’s Day Care

Jimmy Wingfield

Rev. Hymann Wood Retired Pastor, Peoples Church

Sylvia Woodburne

Bill Woolman Attorney at Law

Danell Wright

Pamela Young-King

Nick Yovino

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